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Life of Fred: Apples


Elk Mountain Learning center is your home for new and used Life of Fred: Apples and is available in hardcover.

Life of Fred: Apples

Elk Mountain Learning center is your home for new and used Life of Fred: Apples curriculum. It is available in hardcover. 

Life of Fred: Apples:

Apples is the first book in the Life of Fred Elementary Series, which is designed for students in grades 1-4. Students are ready to jump into this text if they can count, add, and subtract with numbers up to 10; it’s recommended that all students who are new to Life of Fred (up through the 4th grade) should start with Apples.

Each chapter is approximately six pages, and ends with a “Your Turn to Play” segment with three or four questions. Answers are provided on the next page for students to go over themselves after attempting to solve the problems.

Apples covers: Numbers that Add to 7, Circles, Ellipses, Reading 6:00 on a Clock, 5 + ? = 7, Days of the Week, Leap Years, Spelling February, Dressing for Cold Weather, 15 Degrees Below Zero (-15:), Deciduous Trees, Deciduous Teeth, Counting by Fives, 3x + 4x = 7x, Archimedes 287 B.C. Wrote The Sand Reckoner and Got Killed Being Rude, ante meridiem (a.m.), Donner and Blitz in German, One Million, Euclid Wrote The Elements, Squares, Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Whales Are Not Fish, The “There Are Zero . . .” Game, Sets, the Popularity of Zero, Why Boats Are Cheaper to Rent in the Winter, Triangles, Herbivores and Carnivores, the Colors of the Rainbow, a King in Checkmate, the Story of the Titanic, =? (not equal), x + 4 = 7, One Thousand, Counting by Hundreds, Reading 3:05 on a Clock, Rectangles.

Life of Fred: Apples Features:

  • ISBN: 0979107245
  • 128 pages, hardcover, non-consumable textbook with Smyth-sewn binding; students write their answers on separate paper. Answers are also included in the text and are written directly to the student.

Life of Fred: Apples Formats:

  •  Hardcover

About Life of Fred:

A complete, narrative, multi-sensory curriculum for grades K-12. Designed to teach students specific skills in a definite, logical sequence, this systematic and cumulative approach will help students learn how to solve math problems and discover why they’re solved in such a way.


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